Buying postal boxes for Your Mailing Campaigns

As an industry leader in global B2B packing, postal boxes are an essential part of inventory management. Providing a fully integrated supply chain solution, they are designed to meet the diverse requirements of any business. Offering a full range of commercial grade mailing, packaging and distribution equipment, these boxes offer a complete solution for your unique needs. Offering a full range of custom solutions, they provide the most cost effective and efficient worldwide postal services at competitive rates cardboard boxes.

Mailing boxes come in different sizes and designs with a unique solution to suit any business needs. Available in a variety of materials such as aluminum, plastic, vinyl or composite, and durable heavy duty plastics such as PVC and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), there are various sizes of mailboxes to cater for varying parcel sizes and weight restrictions. As a result, from small letter size packages to oversized parcels, post office boxes are available in the perfect dimensions to cater for the varying parcel sizes and needs of today’s businesses.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing postal boxes is the post office size requirements. With a number of different sizes available from three to ten kilograms, there is sure to be the perfect fit for any business needs. Along with the sizes, some manufacturers also cater for customized sizes, with some offering highly customized post office boxes, complete with address labels and internal security locking systems. As with the various sizes, all boxes offer high security solutions for the protection of sensitive documents and packages, with internal security features to ensure maximum protection from theft.

For businesses on a tight budget, small post office boxes can be purchased to meet a variety of specific business requirements. Smaller boxes can be used for a variety of different seasonal promotions, such as promoting a particular brand during the month of November. Using these small boxes, companies can promote their products through letter boxes, while providing an effective advertising method. Special designs, unique graphic images and seasonal themes can be incorporated into custom-designed October or November envelopes, along with customer information and company logos.

One of the most popular postal boxes that are used for mailing during the months of October and November are tins, which generally available in two-piece construction. Tins generally available in one-piece construction are best suited for businesses with flexible mailing needs, including individual tins that are designed to accommodate various sized envelopes. Smaller tins, usually available in two-piece construction are ideal for individuals or small businesses, as they do not require additional packaging materials, like bubble wrap or cartons. Post offices across Canada generally offer a large selection of tins in various standard sizes, with customized options being available for most post offices. Tins are also available in different colors, with customized colors being generally available for private companies that require a bright, eye-catching color for their October and November mailing campaigns.

Post offices generally offer tins in three sizes, five pounds, ten pounds, or twenty pounds, but may also offer larger quantities at a time. Post offices generally provide tins in standard sizes, but they may also be customized. Tins are also available in several standard thicknesses, ranging from one inch to three inches. For many mailing campaigns, smaller tins that are used in conjunction with larger post offices-offices that specialize in catering to specific mailing needs-make the most sense. The addition of a special post office mailbox to your marketing campaign can help to significantly increase your business’s exposure, especially if you have chosen to target businesses or individuals in certain areas.

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